How to stake EGLD on Maiar wallet

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Start staking and earn reward

Elrond offers multiple ways of staking to earn rewards but the maiar wallet mobile application is probably the easiest way to buy $EGLD and start staking to earn up to 15% APR

Start by downloading the app on your phone and follow the introduction steps

Select ‘Create new account’ to move forward. The next step is to sign up by just verifying your phone number. After entering the verification code, you are in!

Dont forget to enter this referral code so you will get 10$ EGLD in addition to your first purchase
REFERRAL CODE : pcrkcrg9p5

It is recommended to start with setting your Maiar PIN. Then, claim your ‘herotag’ if your account is activated. 

Do not forget to back your seed phrase up! Cryptocurrency holdings rely on your private keys. Therefore, it is essential to keep seed phrases safe. You can keep them manually by writing on a piece of paper or use cloud services. To be honest, a manual backup would be more secure.

Once you account has been created you need to purchase some $EGLD before you can stake them

In order to do so click on the buy button, choose your country, the payment gateway and follow the payment steps.

You can also buy your $EGLD from an exchange eg: Binance, then send it to your maiar wallet.

In the Vault menu press Earn.

In the Earn window you can find all the information regarding your stake. To delegate press the Stake button.

In staking provider list choose  one which is 100%, with the higher APR and the lowest fees  combination eg MGStaking and press the Continue button.

Type the amount you want to delegate and press the Continue button.

Confirm the transaction by pressing the Stake button.

After the transaction has been successfully completed you will be shown the staked amount in the Earn window. You will also find here the Claim Rewards button and Unstake.