Create your account on Huobi Global exchange

Follow the steps below in order to create your account on Huobi exchange, verify your account and purchase your first crypto.

Click the button below to start your journey

Choose whether you want to create your account with your email or your phone number and fill the corresponding form

You will receive a confirmation code that you will need to enter at the next step.

Buy your first crypto

Once your email/phone number confirmed click on the deposit button.

Choose deposit via Visa, Mastercard

If your account isn’t verified yet, you will be asked to do so before being able to make your first deposit. You can skip the step below if your account is already verified

Click on the go to verification button.

You will need to enter additional information in order to verify your identity

Then you will be asked to upload identity document in order to complete the verification

Click on start

Choose your upload method and upload the requested documents

Proceed with the face verification

Once you receive you identity verification confirmation you will be able to proceed with your first deposit

From the main menu click on buy crypto

Choose the currency you want to pay with, the crypto and the amount you want to buy. Click on buy and follow the steps in order to confirm your purchase.